Churchill was warm and friendly, and like all Sheepies, enjoyed a pat on the head and a treat. You could feel the love Frank and Gail had for Churchill, but because of a change in circumstances, they had to make the difficult decision to give up Churchill. We had to find him a home quickly….i.e., about a week and a half.

Arlene Swan-Mahoney and John Mahoney, who had recently lost their OES, had put in an application for a rescue. The timing was perfect. John and Arlene came over to meet Churchill. Frank took them out with Churchill for a walk around the block, or perhaps I should say Churchill took them for a walk. By the time they returned, Arlene and John said that they would love to adopt Churchill.

Since going to his new home, Churchill has been to a few dog training lessons. Arlene and John are working on car riding. Apparently, if the car slows down or stops, Churchill barks loudly and non-stop. Hmmmm…perhaps Churchill likes “pedal to the metal.”