The Placement team needs help with:

Adoption Applications

  • We need volunteers to contact people who have filled out on-line adoption applications.
  • Requirements: Phone, computer, email

Home Visits

An important step in the NEOESR adoption process is the home check.

  • Visit potential adoptive families to ensure that their home environment is well matched with an Old English Sheepdog’s requirements.
  • If you have a friendly OES bring him/her with you so the potential adopter REALLY understands what a sheepdog is like.
  • Complete a home visit checklist.
  • Requirements: knowledge of Old English Sheepdogs

Adoption Follow-Up

  • After NEOESR places a dog, it is important to follow-up with the family to see how things are going for the family and the dog. Provide support and training tips as needed.
  • Contact new adopters via phone or email.
  • Requirements: Phone, computer, email


For more information about any of these activities, please contact: