Hello Fellow OES rescuers,

I hope everyone is enjoying the winter months as much as my sheepdogs do. My pups are definitely winter dogs and the colder the better.

To start this message let me send out a huge thank you to the members of the 25th Anniversary Committee for holding the most outstanding 25th anniversary celebration anyone could have hoped for. I most especially would like to thank Sande Stevenson who picked up the baton in my absence and ran the entire three day event while also balancing a collection of other commitments during the festivities.

Unfortunately, two days before the start of the event my Charlotte needed to go for emergency surgery for an  ear hematoma. Then the night before the big event my 11 ½ year old Katie went into bloat. I rushed her to the emergency vet where she was operated on and fortunately her life was saved. She is now after a few months recovery back to normal and 100 percent her old self. I must partially credit this organization with giving me the knowledge over the years to recognize bloat symptoms. That recognition saved my old gal’s life. The surgeon told me that if I had delayed even another hour Katie would have been lost as her stomach was twisted, but not damaged beyond repair. I called Sande at 2AM the night before the main event and 8 hours to start time to tell her that Katie was being operated on and I would not be able to attend the celebration. She told me not to worry, be with Katie, and she would handle everything. She not only handled it but did a superb job.  All the reports I received said that the event was an enormous success and Sande and the team handled everything beautifully.  So once again, Thank You Sande! You were a savior of an event which was a year in the making and will be remembered for your leadership for years to come.

Speaking of leadership, Sande has now stepped forward to lead our Nomination Committee 2020 for the election of our Board of Directors. Yes, it is that time once again. The NEOESR Board is elected every two years and this is the year. All members of our organization are welcomed and encouraged to run for the NEOESR Board. To be a member of the board is an exciting opportunity to make a real difference in more directly saving our beloved breed and to be part of the inner workings of the organization. As a board member there are numerous opportunities to lead and be on committees which work to set policies, plan and implement events, physically play a part in our rescues, and establish the directions of NEOESR. It is both fun and rewarding. So, if you have ever thought of being on the board this is a chance to play a more active role. You will be hearing more about it over the course of the next few months. Please consider the possibilities. New open minds and new strategies are very welcome.

The state of our organization is strong and solid. Our financial strength which is due to your enormous generosity enables us to do what we do. Thank you for always being there and for all your ongoing support. Our Placement Committee is working tirelessly to rescue Old English Sheepdogs on every front both with advice, counsel, and training references for those dealing with troubled youngsters to placement in furever homes for those needing placement.  Our very talented Tales End staff continues to turn out these “state of the art” magazines. Thank you to all the wonderful volunteers who come to our rescue on so many fronts. We appreciate your support, time, efforts, and diligence. You make it all happen.

Enjoy this pawsome edition and wonderful times with your Old English Sheepdogs. No matter what the weather, place, or time of year there is nothing  quite like a snuggle with our devoted lovable OES friends. Have fun!.