Hello NEOESR members and friends,

The volunteers of New England Old English Sheepdog Rescue have been hard at work across multiple areas defending, supporting, rescuing , and trying to enrich the lives of both dog and owner of  our beloved breed.

I want to send a sincere thank you to all those Old English Sheepdog owners across the country that entered and supported our GOGO photo calendar contest. The revenue achieved funded a NEOESR 25 anniversary celebration which will be remembered and talked about for many years to come. The enormous generosity and pride of Old English Sheepdog owners were on full display as we raised almost 6000 dollars with 69 Old English Sheepdog participants. The pictures were all winners and were showcased throughout our 25-anniversary celebration. I don’t think I have ever seen a more beautiful, cute, adorable, comical, awe inspiring and loving collection of OES pictures in my life.

The funds enabled the 25th anniversary committee to serve multiple complimentary meals and provide gifts to all attending dogs and attendees of the 25th anniversary celebration. You will read more about this celebration in the next edition of the The Tales End.

You will also be delighted and enchanted with the upcoming release of our 25th Anniversary Tales End Special Edition. If you would like to  further capture a piece of NEOSR history you can purchase one of our 2020 calendars which are now available and showcase champion Monty on the cover and Brewster, Maizie, Rheba, Oliver and Quincy runner ups along with OES’s of NEOESR. You can also purchase a NEOESR 25th Anniversary mug . Think of what great Christmas stocking stuffers they could be!!

In addition to the 25th anniversary planning and implementation NEOESR has been moving forward and  working hard at meeting every challenge big and small.. In this wonderful Tales End you will read stories of OES placement by NEOESR literally across the globe. You will hear stories of midnight flights across the country to save these magnificent animals as well as reaches across Facebook and beyond to save and bring the finest homes to our rescued sheepies. One thing is certain and that is every one of these stories will capture your heart and make you proud of being part of such a loving organization. The world around us may change in so many ways, but one constant is the mutual unconditional love of an Old English Sheepdog and his/her owner.

Reporting on the financial health of our organization, we are strong and secure due to the continued support we receive from so many Old English Sheepdog admirers. We use these resources on multiple fronts from rescuing Old English Sheepdogs, to assisting with senior rescue medical bills, to assisting other Old English Sheepdog rescues and organizations across America who are in need.

Our placement team continues to work diligently, but we remain in need of foster homes throughout the New England Area. Please consider becoming a foster home. It will help us tremendously and we will help you through it. It will be a rewarding experience like no other as you help an OES through a difficult transition.

Once again, as is my tradition at the end of every president’s message…I send a salute and expression of gratitude to all the volunteers of NEOESR. My sincere thanks to all of you who give so much in so many ways to rescue OES and support our organization.

Now it’s time to pull up a chair or sofa, snuggle with your OES(s) and read the adventures of NEOESR.. Enjoy!