Dear fellow OES lovers,

Life within NEOESR, Inc has definitely presented it’s challenges in 2020. Our beloved picnic needed to be cancelled and our meetings in person have completely ceased. Unfortunately, along with the isolation is an unprecedented shortage of OES rescues. It seems that in these times everyone is holding tight to their pups no matter what the circumstances and therefore our placements are lacking. It appears that this is happening across the country in almost every rescue. If you are waiting for the right OES to come your way, please continue to hang in there. It is highly likely that when COVID 19 passes or vaccinations appear that we may see a large surge of rescues coming our way. We are ready for this and if your application is submitted, we will do everything possible to match you with the right OES.

Our annual meeting presently scheduled at the Sturbridge Conference Inn for Halloween (October 31) remains tentative. We will make a final decision on this at our September Board meeting and will update everyone following that decision. If we do go forward with an in person meeting it will be abbreviated with just yearly updates from our committees, along with the announcement of the newly elected board. If it is not held in person, we will hold a conference call to displace the in person event.

Financially, NEOESR continues to have a very strong portfolio which enables us to help many OES both inside and outside our rescue. It also enables us to go to great lengths to help save our beloved OES’s around the world. Thank you to all of you for your enormous generosity and support which has become stronger with each passing year. Our organization is indeed very blessed to have so many wonderful people who reach out to help us constantly.

Our merchandise Committee is in the process of updating and enhancing some of our offerings so please keep an eye for some new and exciting things for sale. All profits are going directly into helping our rescue organization.

In September, a By-Laws Committee with start a review of our present By-laws which haven’t been reviewed for several years. We will be looking at things such as the timing of the annual meeting, nominating committee date controls/objectives, electronic voting, and a general update. If there is some change you would like to see, please email me and we will be sure to bring your suggestion/request under consideration. Of course, when the effort is concluded it will be reviewed by the Board and then passed to the membership for approval or rejection. This may take a while, but stay tuned.

Despite the lack of placements in this Tales End Edition our innovative staff has put together a magazine packed with awesome information and stories that are sure to charm and excite you. I know that you will fully enjoy it. Our Editor and staff are always working endlessly to uncover the newest and best information to give you an entertaining, enjoyable, and informative publication.

Finally, please remember that there is no need to social distance or wear a mask when holding your OES. As a matter of fact, cuddling and hugging your beloved pet(s) may help maintain your sanity or at minimum serve to make you feel better or healthier during these trying times. Of course, your pets will welcome the attention more than your enjoyment of a big hug.

I hope you have a wonderful summer. Thank you for your interest, support, and love of our beautiful and handsome Old English Sheepdogs.