Hello NEOESR supporters and Friends,

As we round the bend of a winter like none before in our lifetime, let us continue to reflect and focus on the great and happy things that surround our lives. Afterall, nothing could be finer than a huge fluffy hug of a sheepdog followed by the always to follow slurp of a sheepdog tongue. The hardships and challenges of COVID 19 and political unrest everywhere can be drowned out by the heart of a sheepdog and the love they send to their beloved owners and beyond.

To everyone’s delight NEOESR continues to fully function with volunteers zooming everywhere both literally and digitally. Placement is reaching out to rescue and assist OES and their owners wherever the need exists.  Bills are being paid and donations acknowledged. A parade of thank you notes are being sent which puts the generosity of our members and supporters on full display.

I have always thought and will continue to believe that OES owners are some of the most loving, giving, and kind folks on our planet. They are also sometimes relentless and have overwhelming tenacity. In other words, they completely emulate the OES in character. A few have been accused at times of even emulating in looks as well….:) Hopefully, that last comment has put a slight smile on your face to cheer the winter chill.

Thank you to all who have bought our merchandise on ebay. Magnificent, rare, and beautiful OES artifacts were donated to us and many folks jumped in to purchase the one-of-a-kind pieces. If you missed this opportunity, keep checking as new items appear regularly.  The NEOESR calendar sold out this year. Thank you to the lucky purchasers who made that happen.

Also, thank you to all those who continue to reach out to folks who are not members to let them know that we are here to help and rescue. Our Visionary Committee has been looking at a bunch of initiatives to expand and strengthen our membership and awareness throughout New England.  You will soon be seeing some of these efforts in play.

Our organization seeks to recognize our loyal supporters and members whenever we can. We want to hear from you and be part of your lives. If you have some interesting adventures with your family, friends and pups please sent us an email letting us know what you are up to and send a few pictures too!. You can be a star in our “Around The Block” feature of the Tales End. They can be emailed to ninajames24@gmail.com. Don’t forget to send us a birthday picture to Nina each year when your OES turns a year older. We want to help make that celebration special.

Finally, as always,  let me send a virtual bouquet of gratitude to all the volunteers who make NEOESR all that it is.  These are very special people who are selfless with their precious time. The work that they do is making a difference to so many ways. Thank you team!!!

To all our members: The NEOESR Board of Directors and supporting staff want you to know that every member is cherished. We are always there to help and support you. You are part of a group of compassionate and caring people. We hope that every one of you will be a lifetime member. We also hope that NEOESR will always be a star in your orbit of life.

Please stay safe and be careful and remember that every day is a gift to be made special.