Folks, Just this once as a start to my president’s message I want to share some sad personal news with you. At the risk of appearing narcistic, I believe this membership above all others would completely understand my heartache as most if not all have been dealt this devastating blow and understand the absolute gut-wrenching pain and severe sense of loss.

On May 25th l lost my beloved OES Katie who was the matriarch and alpha of my OES pack and a best friend whose life spanned across 13 of my years. She was best friend to my late OES Sabrina for 7 years and then for 6 years matriarch, mother hen, and director of my OES munchkins who entered my life and hers in 2015. They adored her and miss her terribly as do I.

However, more importantly she was my companion, security blanket, and comfort through my Mom’s death, my brother’s death, my retirement, COVID, and most recently the destruction and rebuilding of my house when it was struck by a tornado in 2020. She was my TV companion who loved to watch TV with me and barked at every dog on the set. She had a huge happy grin and her mouth would move up to the side when she was clownish or happy which was 95 percent of the time. My life will never be as full or as complete without this wonderful dog. She was totally unique like all OES’s are. She lived to 14 ½, but even forever would not have been enough time. I will miss her always and forever.

The loss of Katie and the void it presents makes me even more dedicated to NEOESR because I can even more intensely understand the significance to people’s lives in filling it with an OES rescue. What we do and all the volunteers do, and even all of you as members do,  is give not just an OES  to people, but a family member who with some caring and understanding will provide absolute and unconditional love for as long as they live. There are few other missions in life that can make similar claims.

Please know that your generosity enables us to fulfill our mission of helping rescued OES in meeting their health care requirements and placing them in loving homes.

Our organization due to your support is flourishing. We have successfully placed many dogs recently from many areas and rescued them from very dire circumstances. Each is a special case surrounded with antics, love, and human to canine bonding. Read on through the Tales End to uncover the specifics.

On a very bright note, our annual picnic this year was one of the largest in a very long time with over 80 OES lovers and over 50 pups attending. Please read the story of a day in the sun, filled with fun and the meeting of both old and new friends. The weather was beautiful, the food was great, and the company was the best. It was truly a day to remember. Thank you to all the volunteers who made this happen.  A special thanks must go to Jini Gosinick who organized the entire event, Lauren McIntrye who worked her fingers to the bone at the reception and welcome station,  Sande Stevenson who played a major role in making things happen , Sandy and Kay Woodard  for their annual grooming showcase, and Michelle and Rick Smyth who spent a day dedicated to  selling merchandise and  holding a wonderful auction.

Please don’t forget to send in your ballot for election of the the new Board of Directors. This board will preside over NEOESR from October 2022 until October 2024. I believe the candidates represent an amazing collection of talent and dedication that will serve  to strengthen and enrich our organization. Please make a point to mail in your ballot and play a role in choosing our future leadership.

Finally, thank you for being part of New England Old English Sheepdog Rescue and for all your support and generosity.  Enjoy this wonderful addition of the Tales End.  Be happy and treasure wonderful memories as they happen.