NEOESR’s Super Senior Sheepie Support Initiative

To aid in the adoption of senior dogs with chronic but manageable health problems or disabilities, NEOESR created the Super Senior Sheepie Support Initiative.

Through this program, NEOESR may offer on-going funding and resources to assist with some of the medical care of senior dogs adopted through NEOESR. Eligible dogs must be 10 years of age or older at the time of adoption.

By providing financial assistance for the adoption of these seniors, we hope to give more senior dogs a better chance of finding a furever home to enjoy their golden years.

Senior dogs deserve to be celebrated, valued, and protected from age discrimination.


  • NEOESR will identify eligible senior dogs and health conditions at the time of adoption.
  • Adopters who own dogs participating in this program must maintain their membership in NEOESR.


NEOESR may cover the following:

A senior blood panel once a year, and treatment, including medications, for varying conditions ranging from heart problems, epilepsy, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, pancreatic insufficiency, canine dementia, and joint or orthopedic problems and other conditions.

NEOESR will consider each senior dog on a case by case basis at the time of the adoption. The Placement team will retain final determination that such care is necessary and beneficial for the OES and can be provided within the parameters of our mission. 

Our intent is to cover expenses for chronic manageable health issues.

To be eligible for payment by NEOESR, all expenses must be preapproved and will be paid directly to the veterinarian or pharmacy. NEOESR reserves the right to deny any procedure. 

Note: This initiative may be terminated at any time by a vote of the NEOESR Board of Directors.

Expenses Not Covered by this program:

The adoptive home will provide for the daily needs of the dog: love, food, shelter, exercise, grooming, flea and tick preventatives, annual check-ups, a heartworm preventative program and annual vaccinations program as established by the dog’s veterinarian.