We understand that sometimes life takes twists and turns and that an owner needs to make the difficult decision that it is in the best interest of the dog to be placed in a new home.

We can help.

Whether you are struggling to decide if you can continue to take good care of your OES or if you have already made the decision that you need to find a new home for your dog, we are available to discuss your dog and your situation.

We may be able to make recommendations to help you keep your dog or we may be able to help you by taking your dog into our placement program.

Although we accept dogs of all ages, we cannot accept all dogs. Some dogs have issues, such as aggression or biting, that unfortunately make them difficult to place.

We do not recommend re-homing your dog through online listing services. Some folks respond to those types of listings for the sole purpose of reselling dogs for a profit. Instead we highly recommend that you select a non-profit rescue group that is dedicated to finding homes for Old English Sheepdogs. We can assure you that finding the right home for your dog is our highest priority.  

We never charge a fee for an owner to surrender a dog.

To discuss your situation, please contact us at:

After you have been contacted by the placement team, you may be asked to fill out these forms:

Owner Release Form  pdf

Questions for Someone Giving Up a Dog