Foster homes play a vital role in helping dogs in our care feel loved and safe. Dogs in foster care are significantly less stressed than dogs in kennels. This allows us to do a better job of assessing a dog’s manners, personality and quirks so that we  can find the right permanent home for the dog.

Until these dogs find their forever homes, we are their family, friends and caretakers. The donation of your time and energy is one of the most important assets to NEOESR, and words cannot express how much we appreciate it.

NEOESR, Inc. will pay for any necessary medical care for the Rescue OES in your possession. The one thing that we cannot give, and you can, is the daily love and caring that our beloved breed needs so much, especially those who may have had a “rough” time in life. Your input about this Rescue dog is essential in helping us find the right final placement. We appreciate and value your opinion and assessment of your foster dog.

We realize that having a Rescue OES in your home is a major responsibility for you, and we will try to help make it a pleasant experience. We hope that the foster dog’s time in your home will be short, but if at any time you find it to be too much, just contact the Placement Coordinator and other arrangements can be made.

If you are interested in being a foster home, please fill out the Foster Care Release Form below.  Then fill out our online Foster Care Home Information.

Foster Care Release form   

Foster Care Home Information