Suggestions for breaking up dog fights:


  • Direct Stop – now called DEFEND from Premier Pet Products – a citronella spray
  • Banging pots and pans or food bowls together to create a big noise
  • Throwing a big plastic soda bottle between the dogs
  • A blast of compressed air to the stomach or rear end – such as the computer keyboard cleaners
  • Club Soda sprayed in the eyes and face of the dogs
  • Shaving cream sprayed liberally around the nose and in the mouth
  • the old water hose trick
  • dumping a carbonated beverage in the dogs face
  • Gradually pushing a solid barrier between the dogs
  • For small dogs, dropping a plastic garbage can over one of the dogs
  • Pushing the dogs into a body of water



Katherine Smith

Certified Dog Behavior Consultant, (International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants), Professional Member APDT, (Association of Pet Dog Trainers), AKC Canine Good Citizenship Evaluator, Animal Behavioral College Mentor