We got Wally in September 2007 over Labor Day when he was about 1 year old. We let him go on Saturday, the 29th of October 2016. Even though Wally had diabetes and had lost his vision, he could still function on his own until he developed hip issues and could no longer get up, climb steps or get into the car. This is what brought our beloved dog to the end of his life.

We had a cat when we got Wally and eventually 4 other stray cats showed up at our door. The cats all seemed to sense that Wally posed no threat because none of them ever expressed any fear of him   In fact, one of the cats pined for him for about 2 weeks and still sleeps in Wally’s spot.

Wally was a wonderful watchdog. He would alert us even when someone would approach our daughter’s house, which is about 50 feet away. Wally was extremely intelligent. He read us like a book and anticipated our every move. He was very affectionate and loved to have his rump rubbed, was popular with the groom, and really enjoyed riding in the car. He went with us wherever we went. We will always remember Wally and forever cherish the love, devotion, happiness and laughs he provided us.