Our beautiful Sydney crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on November 29, 2016. She was 13 years old… our beloved pet and companion. Sydney was gentle, sweet, and laid-back; and gave us so much enjoyment and companionship.

Sydney came to live with us through Tracie DiPasquale at 6 months of age. We drove to Sinking Springs, PA to adopt her thru NEOESR. Sydney was a happy and healthy dog until a year ago when she started loosing muscle mass in her back legs and also became arthritic. She started wearing booties that helped her get up; but as the months progressed, she needed a special harness. Over time she was unable to get up or even roll herself over to other positions. Her quality of life had diminished considerably. Sydney was on meds, had regular physical therapy and acupuncture. We did everything possible for our best friend.

As hard as it was making the dreaded decision, it was time. She leaves behind her “sister” Scooter and her mom and dad. Sydney, we miss you terribly and you’ll be in our hearts forever.