It’s with great sadness that we write to inform you of the passing of Shaunghessy. The day started out great. David drove Shaunghessy to “his” field for a romp, then on to Wawa for coffee and to share a croissant. Then on to the groomers – he gets very excited anticipating all the fussing and attention. Shaunghessy especially likes Christian who does a fabulous job making him a handsome dude.

Shortly after David returned home he received a call from the groomers to say that Shaunghessy was having difficulty breathing. When we arrived to get Shaunghessy he was very anxious with raspy respirations. Fortunately our 24-hour emergency veterinary hospital was down the road.

On arrival the staff took Shaunghessy to an exam room, started oxygen and medications. The doctor informed us that he had laryngeal paralysis and needed to be intubated – we agreed. After discussing the situation, we made the humane decision to help him over The Bridge.

Shaunghessy was a great dog. He learned how to chase geese from Molly – a sight to behold. He loved to run to our backyard fence barking to let who ever or what ever know he was on guard. We even had a walkway installed from the backyard gate to the barn so those huge paws would not get so muddy if it rained – we called it the Shaunghessy speedway.

This is the first time in 25 years that we do not have an OES. What is missed? The sound of “thunder paws” running down the stairs to great us as we arrive home, the wet kisses, rattling of the puppy bowl at dinner, nose prints on the backdoor, bringing a toy for playtime, hearing him bark when the car pulls into the driveway, and a reminder when it’s time for a Frosty Paws® treat.

We adopted Shaunghessy in March 2007 so it was 9 years of unbridled fun and happiness for which we forever will be grateful, and the unconditional love both given and received. We know that Muffin, Samantha, Maggie, Rugby, Molly and Katie will be there to welcome him over the Rainbow Bridge.

A house is just not a home without an Old English Sheepdog.