Maxie Paxie Pudding and Pie,
He would never make me cry.

Remember that July day I arrived in Tucson almost 9 years ago.  I was just 22 months old.  You let me out of my crate and I bounced right into your heart.  I became Miraculous Max forever and ever.
            Remember those first days and months you came home from work and I would have had a culinary misadventure and we were off to the vet.  Gates changed that.
            Remember our routines.  When you came home I would take one of your shoes and run into the bedroom, jump on the bed, and we’d sit together for a while.
            Remember all the training classes we went to.  I was still Irrepressible in my own way.
            Remember taking me to work.  Someone called me Mr. Personality and my part-time working career was launched.
            Remember our daily walks. The most important thing for me was to meet everyone we saw; the joy of my life was to have someone pet me, talk to me, and ask questions about me.  Remember how many times you paved the way for me and said, “He’s very friendly”.   And for the unfortunates who ignored me you said to yourself, “Only the brain-dead miss M Max.”
            Remember how stylish I would be everyday with scrunchies, some “collar charm”, or something a little more for holidays.  But those were only embellishments.  The real me was always Irresistible, beautiful inside and out.  I was my own self – loving, happy, smart, confident, and Sheepie stubborn now and then.
            Remember how fearless I was.  Nothing scared me. Remember I was a survivor.  Cancer did not stop me. Remember my Irresistible and Irrepressible Love…

            I remember.  Forever and ever…

Maxie Paxie, Pudding and Pie,
Today I cry.