These last couple of weeks have been unbearable.  We had to make the decision to allow our boys to enter the Rainbow Bridge with dignity. It was the most heart-breaking decision we have had to make in a long time.  Saying goodbye to your best friends whom gave you unconditional love for 12 years everyday just isn’t fair.  My boys were my world, and without them I am lost and broken.

Maddox came into my world as a rescue in 2006. He was supposed to be so bad.  Let me let you in on a little secret.  He was the most loving boy anyone could ask for.  His name should have been “Shadow” because he was never far. With Maddie you were never alone, to the point where if you closed the bathroom door he would open it to check in on you just to make sure you were ok.  Never under any circumstances would he ever miss a chance to go for a walk or just to be with you.

Maddox didn’t have it easy as he had several medical issues with his hindquarters and he was a trooper.  He never wimped, never cried, just kept doing his daily routine as if nothing was wrong.

My boy was the most loving dog and I hope he is running across the Rainbow Bridge happy and pain free and will be there to greet me when the time comes. Thank you so much Granny Annie for allowing us to adopt Maddox. Maddox gave us joy and a great deal of happiness for which we are very grateful.