Knots was the biggest goofball, had the biggest heart, and was our big boy. Though he was only in our lives for 3-1/2 years, he was an integral part of our family, and we miss him every day.

It seemed meant to be when Knots walked into our lives on 10/4/2013. We had already been discussing getting a second dog when we got word from NEOESR that Knots needed a new home. Even though he was an older dog at eight years and we had never adopted before, the decision was easy. Despite a very rocky start, Knots was soon a much-loved part of the family.

We quickly fell in love with his sweet demeanor, the little kisses he would give you, and the way he would literally smile at you when you woke him up from naps. He liked to pretend he was a big bad guard dog, always barking at people through the window, but in reality he was one of the gentlest dogs we knew, and was always so soft when taking food from your hand. He definitely wasn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer, and our other OES, Kelsie, had no trouble manipulating him and getting him to do whatever she wanted. What are siblings for, right?

At the end of the holidays, it was clear Knots couldn’t keep going. He was struggling to walk and could rarely stand up without assistance. We couldn’t help him up anymore without causing him great distress, either. Though it broke our hearts, we knew it was time to let him rest.

Though you were with us for a few short years, we love you with all our hearts, Knots, and it makes us so happy to imagine you goofing off on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. Thank you for everything, big boy.