Jules died in her sleep two weeks after she turned five. It must have been a peaceful death because, only a few feet away, I didn’t stir. That is the only good thing that can be said about her death. She was much too young and much too dear to leave us. It was a terrible shock to wake up and find her unresponsive.

            Yes, she had a handful of medical issues, but her vet and other experts felt we would be given plenty of warning if any started acting up. Not so, not so. Some clot or weakness in a blood vessel made her sweet heart fail. Now, only memories are left. The times for our four daily walks, the times for meds and meals, the times for going to the Post Office and food shopping all go by without her wonderful enthusiasm.  

            Jules had been given up by two families by the time she came to me (from NEOESR) at 14 months old. I could never understand why anyone would let her go. She was intelligent, beautiful, and easy to train.   Kudos go to the example set for her by wise, gentle Woodrow for the first 3 years. (“The Terrific Threesome”, The Tale’s End, Spring, 2011.) Then we became known in our little town of Corinth as an inseparable twosome: one old lady and one young one. We loved each other so much. Jules, once a strong and vibrant presence, remains throughout my days like snatches of a beautiful symphony. Thank you, my darling.