Hogan took his final walk over the Rainbow Bridge on Tuesday, May 31, 2011.  It was 12 years ago on Memorial Day weekend that a funny, little fluffy puppy arrived all the way from Kentucky OES Rescue.  I had recently lost my first sheepdog, Howie and I was heartbroken.  Hogan was like a little angel puppy who made me laugh and smile again.  We spent 12 wonderful years together.  He was a sweet guy always mellow and happy. He graciously welcomed into his home a cat named Putter and another OES Rescue named Knickers.

            Although the past year was physically challenging for Hogan, he hung in there.  We have great memories of Hogan.  These past few weeks have been difficult, but Knickers and Putter have not left my side. 

            I’d like to think that Hogan has found a large grassy field and he is romping pain free across the field, able to see the flowers and hear the birds once again.

            Knickers, Putter and I will miss our good buddy, Hogan.