It was meant to be when we adopted Hank. His original owners wanted to put him to sleep. He came from a puppy mill.

Hank had a great GRRRRAHHH growl sound. He should have been on America’s Got Talent. He was extremely intelligent. His mission in life was to receive and give love to us and the other 6 Sheepies in our household. He was a very happy dog. He was my co-pilot on our long distance move, a five-day journey from Pennsylvania to California. Hank had many issues in his early life but when he arrived at our home and met the other Sheepies, he naturally adjusted into the pack and found his place. His favorite toy was the squeaky Wiggle Bus. He was a real genuine Velcro Sheepie love dog.

He started out as Horrible Horrible Hank but soon became Handsome Hank on the long journey home from Grannie Annie’s to our home in Fort Washington, MD, his FUREVER HOME. Hank loved the kitchen. He was always on KP duty at Laurel’s home. Handsome Hank was featured in her Wiggle Bus, Book 3, online.

We loved him so much with his two beautiful blue eyes and we all miss him dearly. We are very grateful for his long happy and healthy life and for the abundant joy he gave to all of us. Hank died of bone cancer but kept his happy demeanor right through to the end. His sad death is a very small price to pay for all those years of absolute love and companionship. We all miss you and love you, Hank.