Our precious Grace left for the Bridge yesterday.  She was 15-1/2 years old and we had the pleasure of loving her since she was two.  Steve Schott from Texas Rescue delivered Grace right to our front door.  Steve was very attached to her and he had to see with his own eyes that she would be well loved and taken care of.

We have had many dogs over the past 30 years, but I have to say Grace was the sweetest and most gentle of all.   Never did she do anything wrong. I know that doesn’t sound sheepdog like, but she was the only dog I never took to Obedience School.  She went straight to Agility and did pretty well, except for the Border Collies that drove her crazy.  Grace had so many names… Baby Grace, Betsy Grace, Groovy Grace. She loved life and was so laid-back.  Feeding time was always exciting.  She would grab her favorite toy, give it good shake, and run to wait in line for her bowl.  The only thing Grace didn’t like was to be brushed.  She would let you know that she was not happy by giving you the look!

Grace lived a good life. It was especially hard to let her go as it was not cancer or some ravaging disease, but the effects of old age. I really thought we would lose her a year or so ago, but she was a trooper and just kept on for the longest time.

The hole in my heart is huge.  My morning routine has forever changed.  As of late I woke Grace with a quick, all over body massage to help her get going. There were goopy eyes to be cleaned, poop nuggets to be disposed of, and a big boost to get her on her feet.  Then we would head out to a special enclosure we made for her so there were no steps to navigate.  Next was medicine for pain, drops for her eyes and her favorite part…breakfast!  This morning I only had Oliver to feed.

We have had the luxury to be able to love three Sheepies at a time for many years.  It is a given that one will head to the Bridge at some point, but the remaining two have the comfort of one another.  Unfortunately, JoJo left us in April due to cancer at the young age of five.  That only leaves Oliver who has never been an only dog. He is quite lost at this point.  That being said, we will give him extra belly rubs and comfort him as much as possible till the next Sheepie comes to fill our hearts.

Run free Grace!  I know there will be Border Collies there to annoy you and other Sheepies to romp with.