We traveled across many states to go get this little one in the summer of 2003. Emma (we got her name from a nearby town where we picked her up) was listed as 5-6 months old, but our vet said she was more like 12-18 months. It didn’t matter. She was ours and her two older OES sisters had already decided she was part of the “Petro pack”.

We watched her grow in confidence as the weeks went by. That frightened little dog who messed all over Larry as he lifted her into the crate for the long journey home, realized that this was a safe place and she was loved. She became our watchdog, our protector, and she took the role very seriously keeping every dog and person in line as they entered her property.

We called her our “rocket dog” because there was never a game or race that she wouldn’t risk all to be the first over the finish line or first to grab that ball. Her zest for life was never ending. Last October, less than two weeks after being diagnosed with lymphoma, her 14-year-old body finally said “enough”. Larry held her in his arms as she was helped over The Bridge to meet with all her other OES siblings. May she be running and racing, enjoying each moment, each smell. We miss you terribly, our little “Rocket Dog Emma”. May you be happy, free of pain and smiling again.