Seven years ago NEOESR brought Chaucer into our lives. In a scene worthy of a WWII spy movie, transfer was made in the dead of night in the parking lot of an all-night McDonald’s off Route 84.

Chaucer jumped into our SUV and from the very first both he and we knew that he had found his forever home. Sadly, forever is never long enough.

About a year ago, Chaucer was diagnosed with Wobbles. Despite the leg tremor, Chaucer continued to do well – enjoying his morning walks, going in the car for his next “adventure”, meeting and greeting his many two-legged and four-legged friends – all with his usual unbounded enthusiasm and enormous sweetness.

He was particularly looking forward again to his alumni reunion at the NEOESR picnic next week to meet old friends and make new ones.

In the middle of the night on Saturday, after a normal day, he became very agitated. As it turned out, he was totally unable to control his hind legs. They no longer would support him! The pressure on his spine finally took its toll.

Chaucer died in our arms in the local emergency room on Sunday morning. Words cannot describe how we feel… the loss of our dearest family member. Gentle to the end he looked at us as if to say that he loved us as we loved him, that it was all right, and that one day we would all be together again.

Through our tears and grief, Anne and I want to thank NEOESR for bringing such joy to our lives.