Annie (Pearl Piano Song) aka Pearlie Good Girl (not) but yes, she was a good girl. We adopted her at 6 months old after she failed 2 previous homes. Marie Harrington fostered and tamed Annie Pearl. After driving to Marie’s to meet Pearl, we fell in love with this little cutie. She jumped into our van in the front side – like, “let’s go.” She picked us to adopt her.

She had many problems in her early puppy months, mainly good aggressiveness. She was absolutely the “most cutest” little Sheepie ever. She adjusted well in her new home. She played with the other Sheepies and her favorite thing was the in-ground pool. She loved to swim laps over and over. She was also obsessed with the pool sweep. I did laps in the pool with Annie and she would look me in the eyes like she was trying to please me and show off her swimming skills and talent. Annie Pearl was like a little panda bear waggling her cute little bobtail. I consider Annie a rescue miracle.

Some of the cherished memories we have of her are of her on top of the couch watching TV, barking at her shadow, chasing the squirrels up the trees, rolling on her back kicking up all 4 legs in the air and making her unique Annie sounds. An unforgettable memory we have of Annie is her daily tree therapy. She would go around our Hemlock trees in very slow motion with her body touching the soft branches. She also liked to climb the steps on the hot tub and then flop herself down and lay there. She loved to be in high places like a cat. Annie Pearl was the mascot of the Grand Opening of the famous Hotel Monaco in Washington, DC. She was a star that night getting photos and everyone wanting to meet and pet her. She loved the attention and ended up with her photo in the hotel advertisement.

One of the greatest rewards in life was adopting Annie Pearl. She was a true friend to us. She was treated like a queen as she gave us so many happy laughs and moments of joy and love. She lived a long happy life and turned out to be the perfect rescue Sheepie. She was so special. We will miss and love her forever. All the memories of you will never go away – they are in our hearts. We will think of you every time we hear the song by Van Morrison, “Brown Eyed Girl” – your big beautiful brown eyes Annie. We all love you and miss you, Annie.