Application / Nomination for Board of Directors

Every two years, NEOESR has elections for our Board of Directors. This includes the four officer positions (President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary) as well as nine directors-at-large positions.

The importance of the Board of Directors cannot be understated as they are the preservers and guiders of all that NEOESR does. They create and initiate policy, determine and sponsor events, and decide how we can best work and aid the breed we all love. The board literally creates and provides the path to the future for our organization.

The reward of being an NEOESR board member is an impact that stretches across the lives of all our rescued dogs. Decisions they make enables us to continue to place OES’s in our members homes.

We’d like to invite you to submit nominations – either yourself or someone you think shares the love of our breed, looks to the future, and has the ability to contribute – for the New England Old English Sheepdog Board of Directors.

Any member of NEOESR who can meet the criteria below is welcome to submit their nominations. Please consider making such a huge difference.

What’s involved in being a NEOESR board member?

  • All NEOESR Board members must believe and be committed to NEOESR’S mission of rescuing Old English Sheepdogs and bring creativity, problem solving and cooperation to all endeavors
  • All NEOESR Board Members must commit to attend and participate at all of the NEOESR board meetings (four a year).
  • All NEOESR Board members must commit to work cooperatively towards consensus building for the betterment of NEOESR.
  • All NEOESR Board members must commit to chair and/or serve on committees or special projects.
  • All NEOESR Board members must commit to actively participate and/or assist with activities and special events of NEOESR.

If you are interested in being on NEOESR’s board, just fill out our online nomination form below.

If you have questions about being on the board, please email: or
call Ion Abraham at (781) 257 5353.

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