RileyHi,  I’m a sweet, girl that really likes to cuddle.  I’m about 80 pounds and really cute. How can you resist my beautiful blue eyes?  Just check out my photo. And this is before I get a “spa” day. 

Foster mom says I’m kinda stubborn.  Well, what does she expect?  I’m an Old English Sheepdog!

Ok, a bit more about me.  I’m just six years old.  Right now I’m working on a career change.  I was formerly used for breeding.  But now, I’m gaining the skills to be a canine companion.  It’s not easy, but I’m working on it.  House training?  Well, I’ve never been in a house before.  Foster mom says I’m pretty clean in the kennel though. Leash training….I’ll need you to help me on that also.  

By the way, I’d also like to learn about toys.  I haven’t had any before but one of the other dogs here says they are a lot of fun.

I probably should be an only dog.  

I’ll need a fenced in yard.

What are you waiting for?  Fill out an adoption application and let the placement team know you want ME to join your family. (

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