May  May

May aka MayMay is a 5-year-old Old English Sheepdog girl. She is a former mill mama that is looking for a new residence. She is 100% sweet. She loves everybody. 

May is excellent for car rides. She does have a grade two heart murmur that we will check out.

From her body condition, it looks like she recently raised a litter of puppies. She only weighs 44 lb and definitely needs to gain weight as she is very thin. Luckily she is in a foster home where groceries are very plentiful. We will be visiting a home with cats so we will have that update soon.

We definitely recommend a home with a fenced yard so she can finally live the life she’s been longing for.

Not only is May absolutely gorgeous, she has an amazing personality. She is definitely special!

May is located between Rochester and Buffalo, NY.

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May     May