Bella here.  I’m a 4 year old girl that just loves to give hugs.  Do you like to get hugs?  You just might be the right person for me.  

A little bit about me. I was formerly used for breeding.  I was actually turned over the rescue with my 1 1/2 year old daughter, Chloe!  I’m friendly (did I mention that I like to snuggle with people?) and I’m ok with other dogs.  I’m even ok with cats!  I ride well in the car.  And I don’t want to sound narcisstic but I am just a good looking dog.

Ok….so there are a couple more things I should tell you.  I’m still figuring out this house-training thing.  Well, I’ve never been in house before.  What do you expect.  Foster mom says I’ve got the idea and with practice I’ll have it nailed down.  Leash training….again, I need some more practice with this.  But I’m willing to learn!  Just give me a chance.

Oh….and I’m kinda skinny.  One of the wonderful people that helped transport me to my current home called me “Twiggy”.  I guess that’s a famous model.  Foster mom just says I could stand to put on a few pounds.  By the way, I do like mac and cheese….

I’m located in Merrimack NH.

Fill out an an adoption application and let the placement team know you are interested in ME. (