Avery   Avery

Avery is a very sweet, 78 pound, 5-year old, Old English Sheepdog.  She just had her “spa” day and she was fantastic for her bath and groom.  Even though she was loaded with mats, she put up with having most of them combed out. Doesn’t she look just marvelous?

Avery was a house pet before she came into our rescue program.

She will need a secure, fenced in yard.

Check out our article on dogs formerly used for breeding (https://www.neoesr.org/adopt/a-path-lined-with-care-time-and-patience)

What are you waiting for?  Fill out an adoption application and let the placement team know you want Avery to join your family. (https://membership.neoesr.org/OL-Adoption.php)