Winston was found as a stray in Bedford NH. The Animal Rescue League of NH took him in and searched for his home. Winston was never reclaimed and was put up for adoption. Two meetings with potential… Continue reading



Jasper is Adopted

Jasper (formerly Buster)

Buster is a 3 ½ year old, intact male that was previously used as a stud in a breeding facility. He looked like he’d had a very rough 3 ½ years. He had sores all… Continue reading



Draizy Was Adopted

Draizy is a 1 ½ year old girl who was a former breeder.  The first reports on her were that she was very sweet but also very submissive.  After a few days at Carol Gefell’s, we got… Continue reading


Ellie, mini sheepadoodleWe got a call from Furever Friends Dog Rescue of WNY.  They had a sheepadoodle that wasn’t doing well in it’s foster home.  Their young child was sitting on the couch with Shelly and told his mother that she was… Continue reading


Ok, NEOESR doesn't know much about me.  But what they do know is that I am a 4 year old, Sheepadoodle.  Until VERY recently, my main job was producing puppies.  BUT, that time is GONE!  I'm not doing that any more.  Now, I'm going to learn what it is like to be a loved (and loving) companion. Continue reading


Ally is a 7 year old girl that needs a home that has the patience to provide her with learning...pretty much everything.  Ally is making the transition from being used as a puppy breeder to learning how to become a canine companion.  Continue reading


MatildaMatilda is a 3-year-old OES from Bowdoinham,ME (about 30 miles north of Portland), that was not good with young children in the home, snapping at them over a bone or other food. She was also a “singleton” puppy, so she… Continue reading


DaisyDaisy was an intact 4 year old girl that needed a new home.  We were told that she lived with three other dogs that ran loose in the yard and she and would growl at them when they came near… Continue reading


KendallAngie had takin in a 9 year old sheepdog from a client who is terminally ill. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a good match and she reached out for assistance.  According to Angie, Kendall was an “absolute love, liked to ride in… Continue reading



We received a tearful call.  The family needed to give up their littermate brothers because they can’t take care of them and the two “puppies” don’t get along with each other.  It turns out the family got 2 dogs about… Continue reading


Razz, 10 month old OES


Razz is adopted!


Are you looking for a sweet, seriously cute dog? Would you be willing to go on walks with me? Do you like playing with tennis balls? Cause I do.

A little bit about ME. I… Continue reading


Chloe, 15 month old OES



Do you like to go for long walks?  Do you like to play ball?  Do you like having a companion when you drive the car?  Well, you may just be the family for me.  

Foster mom says I’m… Continue reading



Adopted by Marian Feil

In early January, we received a call from a woman who had a 6 year old, 69 pound, female OES, Gracie. The woman had some significant medical issues and was reluctantly looking into finding a new… Continue reading


OES Baxter

Adopted by Ken and Carol Hodder

Baxter, an 11 year old, intact male, needed a new home after his owner died.  A family member had taken him in, however it wasn’t a great situation.  They lived on the second floor… Continue reading


Stanley, OES from NY

Adopted by Jane Bruce

Stanley is a 1 year old that the family got from a breeder in Pennsylvania when he was 9 weeks old.  The family had 3 children, ages 2,3, and 7.  The husband was a firefighter for… Continue reading


Tricksie, 8 year old OES


by Jackie and Rudy Dupre

From Puppy Manufacturer to Awesome Companion

The email started “Sheepdog in need of rescue” and was from Furever Friends Dog Rescue of WNY.  They had been notified of an 8 year old, spayed Old… Continue reading


Buddy, OES in PA

By Craig & Barb Waters

I’m a young (1 1/2 year) male, Old English Sheepdog that really needs a new home.  I really don’t do well with young children…so no children.  Older kids (teenagers) and adults are fine.  Even… Continue reading



by Deb and Jon Pert

Hi:  I’m a very sweet boy looking for someone that will take walks with me, give me belly rubs…and that has a lot of patience to teach me some things.

Let me tell you… Continue reading


OpalOpal is a 1-year old female OES that was overwhelming a single mom with three children.  After some discussion of behavior counseling, the owner decided that she really needed to give her up to someone who had the time and… Continue reading


SashaSasha is an 8-year old, spayed female OES located in Binghampton, NY whose owner had died.

It turns out that Sasha’s first owner, died about 2 years ago.  Her fiancé, took over the care of Sasha and Maddie a pitbull… Continue reading


otis staff


I’m a handsome young (1 1/2) male looking for a new home.  What can I tell you about myself to make you see that I’d be the greatest dog you ever had.  I’m ok with other dogs and… Continue reading


Mary Alice and Tom Dwyer had just lost their 13- year-old OES to congestive heart failure. When we contacted them to see if they might want to foster one of
the dogs from China, we got the usual questions: How… Continue reading


Layla, September 2019Ursula Volkommer-Haley had let us know that she would be interested in fostering. When asked if she could foster one of the dogs from China she said, “sure.” Ursula then asked what we knew about the dogs. Uh…well, there are… Continue reading


PriceMillie’s new name is Price. When I asked for the story about the new name, I was told that she is “priceless”.

Millie is a true example of how many people work together to help a dog.

NEOESR member, Theresa… Continue reading


PandaPanda is an eight-year old, female OES.  She had lived with her brother and a 9-year old Peekapoo for her whole life.  But Panda recently got into a fight with the Peekapoo…and the Peekapoo ended up with some severe bites. … Continue reading


DukeWe first heard about Duke when we saw his photo online.  Since he was at a rescue in Upstate New York, we sent a quick note seeing if NEOESR could provide assistance.  Duke’s foster mom responded. “He is a… Continue reading


George with his toyGeorge is one of the dogs from China.  

Carol and Ken Hodder had let the placement team know that they would be willing to be a foster home. Even though we didn’t have much (any) information on
the dogs coming… Continue reading



Corby is one of the dogs from China.

corby playing with all the toysFirst note from the foster home: “The Merrimack pack is keeping Corby busy. Corby was poking in the toy box, and Tom told him he could play with any of the… Continue reading



I’ve been adopted.  

I met my new family and they are great!  They call me Otis the Silent Giant…AND call me wonderful.  How cool is that!


Hi:  Are you looking for a great guy?  Someone who like dogs,… Continue reading



I am an 11 1/2 year old, fun-loving, playful, loyal, and fully house trained dog.  I’ve been told that I still act like a puppy. Hah!  I act like the princess I am.  

Unfortunately, I have to find a… Continue reading