Izzy is a 3 1/2 year old, very timid girl.  She will need a special family that is willing to work with her and help her gain confidence.  Continue reading


Noni is a stunning, 4-year old, very sweet girl.  She seems to love giving kisses and is definitely a "wiggle butt".   Continue reading


Stacy is an 8-month old extremely sweet sheepadoodle.  She likes other dogs and is a very happy puppy! Continue reading


Archie is a cute, 1 year old, 3-legged, sheepadoodle. He's about 40 pounds, with gorgeous blue eyes and a tail. He is described as a hyper, foolish, silly, cuddly love bug.  Continue reading


Trixie is a lovely, 64 pound,  3 year old, spayed sheepadoodle.  Trixie enjoys walks and car rides. Continue reading


Indie is very a friendly, VERY high energy, very smart 2 1/2 year old Sheepadoodle that just LOVES getting attention! Continue reading


Brittany is a very sweet, 2-year old girl. She was formerly used for breeding, so she'll need a family to help show her what is expected of her. Continue reading


Kessel is an absolutely cute, 1 year old male. He has been to obedience school and does know some commands which he occasionally listens to. Continue reading


Sadie is a 5 year old that was formerly used for breeding. She is described as being incredibly sweet. Continue reading


I'm a 3 /2 year old, OES mix that has been described as a "silly, goofy dog". I am house-trained and even know some obedience commands linke "sit".  Not only that, my behavior on the leash is decribed as good.  Continue reading


Adoption Pending: I'm a very sweet, 6-year old girl that is looking for my own family. One that will love me and help me learn everything I need to be a great companion. Continue reading


Adoption Pending: I'm a 4 year old girl that wants a loving family of my own.  The placement team doesn't have to much information on me cause...well...I was formerly used for breeding puppies.  But, that life is behind me now.   Continue reading



Whooo Hooo…..I’ve got a new family.  Not only that, I’ve got a new brother.  Life is GOOD!


I’m 16 weeks old.  My foster mom calls me confident and smart.  I think that smart is good…right?  Anyways, I need… Continue reading