Giselle at the bakeryThe email came in with the title “Abused dog needs rehoming”.  Uh oh.  That didn’t sound good. The content of the email followed.  “She has been well-cared for until this point – the owner was hospitalized and stressed and didn’t make good decisions for her, and now he can no longer keep her. The best news about this dog is that she is so sweet, and her trust in people has not been eroded by this experience.”

We were told that Giselle had self-mutilated…bitten off her tail.  More details came into rescue headquarters.  Once the owner got out of the hospital, he realized he couldn’t take care of Giselle anymore and was going to take her to the local shelter. However, one of his employees was concerned that if Giselle went to a shelter she would euthanized. 

It turns out that Giselle is about 7 years old, approximately 53 pounds and in need of medical treatment. The placement team reached out to Bob and Anne Ladau to see if they could foster this little girl and help her get back to full health.  Arrangements were made for them to pick up Giselle

At noon, the next day, the placement team received an update.

Anne & Robert Ladau
wish to announce
the addition of
Mlle Giselle
to their family

Okay…I guess we wouldn’t need to look for a permanent home for Giselle!

Later, the placement team received a note from Giselle “Here I am sitting in front of my bakery in Pawling, waiting for nice people to come in and out and tell me how beautiful I am…and, of course, pet me. My mom has just arranged a play date for me with two sheepiepoodles on a farm with a fenced-in area. I will ask her to take pictures if she can. All in all, I am feeling good about my new life.  – G.”