Buster was 22 months old…. and blind.  The former owners were a retired couple who loved Buster dearly but were unable to handle his very typical OES exuberance.  He is a good sized boy at 85 pounds. He can hear clearly, and they trained him as best they could. After several accidents during which he knocked both owners down, they sadly decided it was best to re-home Buster.

Great News!  Buster’s new upright has an extensive background in medical therapy. She was amazingly adept at her first meeting with Buster.  At the end of the meeting, I asked Jeanne her thoughts, and well, not surprisingly, Buster had won her over.

After a bit of a slow beginning, Buster has adjusted to life in his new home. Jeanne says he has everything down well, and he doesn’t venture far from her! He knows where to go when he needs to go out, and he finds Jeanne when she calls. She tells him where she is and he goes right to her! Pretty smart guy.