by Deb and Jon Pert

Hi:  I’m a very sweet boy looking for someone that will take walks with me, give me belly rubs…and that has a lot of patience to teach me some things.

Let me tell you a bit about myself.  I’m a handsome boy (just check out my photo) of about 55 pounds and close to two years old.  I’ve got one blue eye and one brown eye.  

I’ve got a LOT of energy.  I LOVE to dash around and occasionally bounce off of you.  Obedience commands?  Nope.  Don’t know what you are talking about.  Counter surfing – oh yeah.  I LOVE to counter surf.  If there is food on the counter, I’m going to go for it.  I also like jumping up on you.  House training – well, that’s another thing foster mom tells me I have to learn.  sigh… many new things.

I like other dogs and am ok with cats.  Foster mom says I’m ok on the leash.  I pull a bit, but there are soooo many interesting smells out there.  

Oh yes, one other little detail.  I just arrived from China so my understanding of english is a bit weak.