Whooo Hooo…..I’ve got a new family.  Not only that, I’ve got a new brother.  Life is GOOD!


I’m 16 weeks old.  My foster mom calls me confident and smart.  I think that smart is good…right?  Anyways, I need a new home. Foster mom says I learn quickly.  She also says I need a job. ok…so I got into some things today. The pillow looked interesting, but she wouldn’t let me tear it up. I thought I could play with foster mom and chew on her arm, but she said she had to work and I was interferring.  Me?  Interfer? You bet!  Actually, my foster mom calls me a good dog.  

I’m ok with other dogs.  Don’t know about cats….acutally, I don’t even know what a cat is. 

I do have some resource guarding tendencies, so you’ll need to work with me on that.  

Requirements for me?

  • Must go to a home with a fence.
  • New family MUST bring him to obedience training.
  • Experience with Old English Sheepdogs or herding dogs a plus
  • Children must be over 12

Think you might be the right family?  Please fill out an adoption application before you contact the placement team. (