I’m a 3-year old girl.  I know us girls don’t usually share our weight, but I’m approximatly 72 pounds. My foster mom spent HOURS getting me cleaned up.  She said I was matted to the skin and she had to remove my pelt!  Wow….do I feel better now. I really like my spa days and will stand still while you work on me.

Right now I’m busy changing my life.  I was formerly used for breeding so I now have to quickly learn some new skills.  Foster mom says I’m very clean in the kennel.  And my leash training is coming along fabulously. Foster mom calls me sweet.  I’m also timid around new situations…but give a little time and I recover quickly. I really like car rides also.

I do get along with other dogs.  Don’t know about cats.  I’ve never been around them.  



Violet   Violet  Violet