Travis and Becky

Travis and Becky are doing well in their new home.

From Becky’s new mom “Oh!!! Is this the sweetest girl dog in the whole world???? She is SO perfect in every way!!!! Thank you SOOOO much for allowing us to rescue Becky!!! She is the LOVE of our LIVES!!!! “


Becky and I need a new home. I’m the one on the left. Foster Mom calls us “good dogs”.  She also calls me a “bruiser” – I think that’s another phrase for being a good dog. I’ve had fun pulling her around when she put a leash on me.   I’m not that big…really.  I’m only 117 pounds or so.  Becky’s kinda petite compared to me.  Becky’s a real sweetie and just tries to love anyone that comes by.  We don’t jump up and we are pretty well behaved.  I’m 8 1/2 years old and Becky is 9 1/2.  So…would you be interested in adding a great couple of dogs to your life?  We need to go together.  And please… fill out the adoption application and let the placement team know you are interested in us real quick.  Foster mom is using nasty words like “diet” around me.  

We are in Southington CT.