Stacy is an 8-month old, extremely sweet sheepadoodle. She can be quite the clown and is very silly. She is quite thin at the moment, but is cheerfullly willing to eat anything provided to her.  Stacy is a very good watch dog and will let you know if anyone’s around that shouldn’t be. She likes other dogs and is a very happy puppy! Stacy has had very limited socialization and will require a lot of patience, understanding, and love to bring out her full potential.

Stacy will need a family that is willing to teach her well…on pretty much everything.  House training? She’s never been in a house before, so she’ll need some guidance.  Leash training and obedience commands?  Yep, you’ll have to train her on those also.

  – Stacy will need a secure fenced in yard.
  – No young kids

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