Gabby, sheepadoodle

by Jennifer Lipps & Tom Doucette


Ok, NEOESR doesn’t know much about me.  But what they do know is that I am a 4 year old, Sheepadoodle.  Until VERY recently, my main job was producing puppies.  BUT, that time is GONE!  I’m not doing that any more.  Now, I’m going to learn what it is like to be a loved (and loving) companion.

I’m about 53 pounds (the groomer said I was real skinny), have a tail and beautiful brown eyes.  Foster mom says I’m incredibly sweet and gentle. She also said I’m a bit of a magician.  Just watch me make cookies disappear!

I’m kinda skittish…probably cause I don’t have much experience about anything!  I’m starting to understand what house-training is.  Foster mom says I’m pretty good on the leash – even if I do pull a bit when I’m startled.  In my defense, that garage door is pretty scary and I was just trying to get inside where it’s safe.

If you have another dog that likes to play, GREAT!  Cause I really like playing with the other dogs around here.

I’m smart and willing to learn.  Are you willing to take me by the paw and gently show me what I need to know?  

I can be seen in Merrimack, New Hampshire

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