Peggy Sue

Peggy Sue is a beautiful, very gentle, 1 1/2 year old sheepadoodle with a tail.  She was formerly used for breeding so she’ll need a little guidance on skills she just has not had a chance to learn yet.  Although she has never been in a house before, her foster mom says Peggy Sue is pretty much house trained.  Peggy Sue seems fine with the other dogs and is oblivious to the cats.  Peggy Sue is working on perfecting her counter-surfing skills.  She figures that since this is the holiday season there ought to be something tasty up there.

Peggy Sue was fine in the car during her travels.  She just settled down for a nap.

Peggy Sue will need a fenced in yard

Please read this article on dogs formerly used for breeding (https://www.neoesr.org/adopt/a-path-lined-with-care-time-and-patience)