PandaPanda is an eight-year old, female OES.  She had lived with her brother and a 9-year old Peekapoo for her whole life.  But Panda recently got into a fight with the Peekapoo…and the Peekapoo ended up with some severe bites.  So, Panda needed to find a new home.  We were told that Panda was really sweet and got along well with kids (the family had two teenagers).

The first thing we had to do was find a foster home that could evaluate this girl.  We put a post on FaceBook and Paula Pilkington stepped up.  When we gently mentioned that our foster homes needed to be members, she quickly signed up (thank you Paula).

The first text we received when Paula picked up Panda was a photo of Panda giving Paula kisses.  This was quickly followed by a couple more photos of Panda enjoying a walk on the beach.  First report. “We had a great day.  Met humans of all ages.  She is so gentle with everyone.” Paula brought Panda everywhere with her.  When they went to the garden center, Panda decided to hop in and check out the water.  The fish were hiding the rest if the day!  Panda even got to go to the Suicide Awareness Walk at Jones Beach (in really lousy weather).  The report kept coming back “This is a GREAT dog

We wanted to find Panda the right home, one preferably without small dogs or cats. Helen and Doug Edwards were looking for another sheepdog.  They had numerous sheepdogs over the past 46 years – 5 of them rescues from NEOESR.  So, I gave them a call and left a message.  The call back came almost before I had a chance to put the phone down. Helen “We are interested. Tell us more!”  After a brief discussion confirming they were still interested in getting another sheepdog (they were) and providing some details about Panda, we got them in touch with Paula, who was fostering Panda.  Paula sent an update “Helen and her husband sound perfect for Panda!”

Our next issue was to get Panda from Long Island where she was being fostered to her new home in Massachusetts.  Normally the new family would make arrangements to meet and get the dog.  Helen and Doug Edwards were travelling back home from Pennsylvania and asked if we could possibly find someone to help transport Panda to Connecticut where they could meet her.

Rescue dust was flying. Jo-Ann Bunevich offered to help. She drove from her home in Southbury CT to Bridgeport, CT and took the Bridgeport and Port Jefferson Ferry to Long Island where she met Paula and Panda. (thank you Jo-Ann for your transport help). Helen and Doug met Jo-Ann and Panda, and Panda was soon continuing her trip north to her new home.

Since it was the day of NEOESR’s annual meeting, Doug and Helen stopped for the night at Sturbridge to introduce Panda to some of NEOESR’s members. In spite of having an exhausting day of travel, Panda cheerfully greeted everyone that stopped to say hello.

Update from Helen “She has settled well and last evening our kids and their friends (all in 20’s) came over and Panda just loved it.  Everyone sat on the floor at different times with her.  Really amazing.  She is not shy or aggressive or fearful…she is a great walker and does love those squirrels but is receptive to correction and stops to continue the walk.  We could not have asked for any one better.”

Right now, she is sitting on one of her blankets next to my desk and looking out the slider.  Just heavenly!”