Layla, September 2019Ursula Volkommer-Haley had let us know that she would be interested in fostering. When asked if she could foster one of the dogs from China she said, “sure.” Ursula then asked what we knew about the dogs. Uh…well, there are three males and a female. Ursula offered to take the female. She added, I don’t plan to adopt. I already have three other dogs – one of which is an OES. (Uh huh. We know how that works).

GM1 was thrilled to get out of the travel crate. She zoomed around the yard a couple of times before settling down. GM1 was very skinny – she could easily use an additional 10-15 pounds. Before she met Ursula ,she had time for a snack, which she quickly ate, and a very badly needed bath, which she wasn’t so happy with. When Ursula arrived, GM1 jumped up and hugged her – definitely a dog with a lot of love to give. Before she left, Ursula asked if she would be able to adopt if she fell in love with her. We reassured Ursula that foster homes do get priority when we decide where to place dogs.

The next day, we received an update: My husband has decided to call her Layla. She slept all the way home. She is getting settled in. My boy, Otis, is being bossy but other than that all is good. Thoughts from the placement director…hmmm…if Ursula’s husband had named her, chances were good she was going to stay.

Latest from Ursula: Layla has gained some weight, she is now 50 pounds. She is still skinny, but is a lot better. She followed up with: Layla is the most happy and loving dog we’ve ever had. I am looking into training her to be a therapy dog. I think she would be fabulous!

After a long journey, Layla is safe and loved in her furever home.