Whoo Hoo….I’ve got a new family!

Hi, My name is Layla. I am a spayed, three year old, pure bred OES. I am very housebroken and can stay alone for 8 hours if necessary. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to go to the dog park to play play play with the other dogs. I do not live with kids so probably am better off with only older ones. My foster mom says that makes sense because I do have a habit that is sometimes misunderstood by uprights. If I have a newspaper or something in my mouth I don’t like to give it up and if you try and take it away from me, well, I might snap at you. My foster mom has the perfect solution to that…she just tosses me a treat and bingo. I get a treat and she just gets the newspaper or whatever. WORKS EVERY time!! I am good at being walked on a leash.

The reason my foster mom wants me to move on is that her dad… is very ancient at 95…is in the house and when my foster mum is at work she is afraid her dad will trip over me. I love him lots and love to sit by him, you know, just in case anything drops off of his fork. Wink wink. Hey, it’s not MY fault but I don’t want anybody to get hurt so do you have a house where I can fit in?

I am currently located in Pittsburgh, PA

Bow Wow,


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