KendallAngie had takin in a 9 year old sheepdog from a client who is terminally ill. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a good match and she reached out for assistance.  According to Angie, Kendall was an “absolute love, liked to ride in the car and really like people.

Diane and Wayne Bartlett’s looked like it might be a good fit and they were very interested in learning about Kendall. But, they lived Quebec, Canada. We did some quick research, finding out what was needed to get Kendall across the border: current health certificate, vaccinations up to date, and proof of ownership.  Ok, we could get this done.

Then the Public Health Agency of Canada issued a note advising people to avoid non-essential travel.  The Bartlett’s considered getting Kendall to be essential so they checked over the rest of the requirements. They had to take a COVID-19 molecular test within 72 hours of returning to Canada. Diane spent two very frustrating days trying to get an appointment for tests and finally got one set up for January 4th. However, they were very concerned that the Canadian government was going to close the boarders again. Angie suggested contacting a local clinic that would allow them to set up an appointment BUT you could only call and get your appointment the same day. The Bartlett’s decided to leave early in the morning and drive to the border. There they would call the clinic and try to get an appointment for that day. Success! They managed to secure an appointment for later that afternoon, so they headed to Waterboro ME to finally meet Kendall.

26 hours after Diane and Wayne took the Covid tests, the results were back and they could head back to Canada with a lovely girl that they had already bonded with.

Note from Diane “Thank heavens we did all that was required, including proof of surrender of dog, proof of current rabies and recent medical report because the border guard looked everything over. The car in front of us was actually sent back into the US. I was sooooo happy we were prepared

Recent update from Diane “Our new girl is already the love of our lives. She is a perfect fit for us and we think her as well. She is a typical OES in that she is stubborn and wants to be boss but we are wise to her and I think she already knows that. She is a big girl weighing in at 81 pounds. She is very tall and lean. She and I go on a 3 km walk every morning and the rest of the day she is in and out of her back yard and spending time with us. We thought our other dogs were Velcro dogs-boy were we wrong! This girl requires 24/7 attachment and naturally she gets it. We are looking forward to many happy and healthy years with her. We promise you all that she will know nothing but happiness and our complete love and dedication.”.