Holly & Merry

2 are better than one!

Are you looking for adorable dogs? Do you need companions that think you are fabulous? Do you have a ball around your home that needs playing with? Well, Holly and I are here to help you out.

Let me tell you a bit about us. We are four year old litter mates. We were formerly used for breeding so we are busy learning a lot of new life skills right now. Both Holly and I might be a bit timid when we first meet you, but we warm up quickly. What? You have a cookie in your pocket? We could warm up really quickly with incentive.

Foster mom says we are quick learners. I think that’s good. We are fine with the other dogs in the house. And we’ve ok with cats. I guess we both need more practice with the leash though. That’s ok. Foster mom says we’ll learn.

Both Holly and I are cheerful dogs. Talk with us or pet us and our tails just seem to wag, really fast.  Although ladies typically don’t share their weight, I don’t mind telling you that both Holly and I weigh about 20 pounds, 

We will need a secure, fenced in area.

Holly and I have a tight bond so we will be adopted together.  

Don’t you want 2 adorable dogs in your home?

Please read this article on dogs formerly used for breeding (https://www.neoesr.org/adopt/a-path-lined-with-care-time-and-patience)

Holly and Merry are being fostered in Merrimack, NH.

Please fill out an adoption application before contacting the placement team and letting them know that you’d like to adopt us. (https://membership.neoesr.org/OL-Adoption.php)

Holly & Merry snoozing

Yes, that’s us catching a quick nap together.

Holly & Merry

Here we are at the vet’s office

Holly & Merry

This was taken just after we had a “spa” appointment. Don’t we look great!