Heidi and Oliver have found their new home.



Are you looking for someone to take walks with? Someone to snuggle next to you? Someone that will look at you as though you are the greatest person EVER? THATS US!

Let me tell you a little about Oliver and me. Oliver is a  kinda laid back boy who is  eight years old. I’m a bit more energetic and only 4.  We are house-trained and walk well on the leash.  Foster mom appreciates that.  I know some commands: sit, come, leave it, and crate (I’ll go into my crate when you say that).  We even travel pretty well in the car.  What more could you want?

Since our family went into something called “assisted living” we are now looking for a new home.  Would that be with you?  

I’m supposed to tell you that I really like chasing cats and small dogs.  So, we need a home that doesn’t have any of those.

Oliver and I are tightly bonded so we need to go together.