Draizy Was Adopted

Draizy is a 1 ½ year old girl who was a former breeder.  The first reports on her were that she was very sweet but also very submissive.  After a few days at Carol Gefell’s, we got the report “She loves toys, balls, stuffies, and pretty much anything she can chew on.  She goes wild with little dogs. She is busy! “ As Draizy started to relax at Carol’s her personality started to come out…and it was a typical Old English sheepdog – friendly, bouncy, and exuberant.

Hilary Davis, a long time member who had adopted from NEOESR before, was looking for a sheepdog. When we contacted her, she quickly responded…and asked the usual questions “Is she house trained?”  No.  “Is she ok on the leash?”  Maybe.  We explained that she had been used for breeding purposes so probably didn’t know ANYTHING! Even though Draizy didn’t know much, Hilary was interested.

Transportation arrangements were made for over the Memorial Day weekend – many thanks to Denise Beehag and Jill Turner for helping get Draizy to her furever home.

Hilary sent an update “She is very different than my other female sheepies. Draizy is definitely the friendliest, nicest temperament sheepdog we have ever had.  She is an absolute sweetheart!”

Draizy is home.