Curly Sue


Yahoo – I’ve got a new family and they are wonderful.  They thought that they would keep me in the kitchen until I got acclimated.  Ha!  I had my own ideas and quickly made a spot for myself beside the bed.



Hi … 

I’m a very sweet, somewhat shy, 7 year old girl looking for a wonderful family that I can call my own.  I don’t have too much experience with families (ok…I don’t have ANY).  I recently changed careers.  I was formerly used for breeding puppies.  Now, I’m learning all sorts of new things and am focused on becoming a canine companion.  

I have been called rather…. well, the vet used the word obese.  But you don’t have to use 4 letter words like “diet” around me.  

Are you willing to help me learn all the skills I need to succeed in my new career?  I’m currently located in Oakfield NY.

Please fill out an adoption application ( ) before you contact the Placement team.  


  • MUST have a fenced in yard
  • Another dog would be good (can show Curly Sue the ropes)