Chewbacca was adopted


Are you looking for a great companion?  One that wants to be with you?  Preferably on your lap or right next to you?  If so, quick fill out the adoption application and let the placement team know that you might be the right person for me!  

Let me tell you a bit about myself.  I’ve got beautiful brown eyes and  a sweet disposition (it must be true, the vet told foster mom I was sweet).  I love car rides, long walks and just being with you.  Got a lap.  Chances are good I’m going to try to climb in it.  I’m only 74 pounds and approximately 10 years old.  So…what are you waiting for.  Fill out the application.  I want to get to my furever home!  I’m in Merrimack NH

Wiggles to all,

P.S. It will be a couple of weeks before I can go to my new home as I have a little issue with my ears (a nasty ear infection).  But that will be fixed soon so get your reservation in now.