Aubry showing how happy she is nowBurberry, a 6-year-old, high-energy, spayed OES was looking for a new home. Why? Because of the kids.

There were two young children in the home, and Burberry would growl when the 16-month-old child crawled near her. Burberry had anxiety that seems to have increased over the years. She also had allergies. The family switched her food – which seems to have helped some. But she dealt with her anxiety by chewing, either toys or herself. According to her owner, Burberry would chew her toys for hours.

OK…now all the placement team needed to do was to find a home for a tall, high-energy OES.

Brian Meyers and Camille Spinale, long-time NEOESR members, were looking for a small female Old English Sheepdog. Burberry wasn’t exactly“small,” but we gave them a call anyway and described Burberry. And then sent photos. Emails zipped backand forth as they asked more questions about
Burberry…some of which we had answers to. When we provided the dimensions of the crate that would come with her, we received this reply: 3’ x 5’ sounds more like a fence than a crate. Big sheepie, big crate.

Shortly thereafter Brian sent us this email: We’re looking forward to this with joy.

The latest update from Brian: We’ve changed her name to Aubrey.  She is doing well and is very much loved!