I’ve Been ADOPTED!


Ash is a handsome, energetic 2-year old male with a tail.  Ashe is very timid.  

Ashe had a rough start to life.  At 5 weeks old, he was diagnosed with septic arthritis is his right hind leg.  This caused the right leg to be significantly shorter (about 4 inches) than the left.  His local veterinarian recommended that having his leg amputated would help relieve his pain.

Once Ashe was turned over to NEOESR, we brought hime to to the University of Pennsylvania Ryan Veterinary Hospital for a consult. After a thorough exam, the veterinarians didn’t think they could do much for the bad leg  They did recommend amputation but also suggested that physical therapy might benefit him.  While they were checking him out, the doctors found that his good hind leg had a torn ACL and needed TPLO surgery.  After surgery, the foster home brought him home for an 8 week recovery period, during which time his activity had to be restricted.  He now has a clean bill of health. His right hind leg is still about 4″ shorter than his left, but he has no trouble getting around. Check out the video of him playing below.

His short leg doesn’t seem to slow him down.  He plays with the other dogs and goes for a walk for at least 45 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening.  In spite of his regular walks, he isn’t great on the leash.  He is very stubborn and independent. 

Ashe is very timid. When Ashe was turned in, we were told that he was “hesitant” around men.  That’s true. he is still VERY timid around his foster dad.  Ashe also doesn’t like loud noises (firewords, gunshots, etc). His foster home believes that he was completely unsocialized and have worked diligently to get Ashe used to them.    

Ashe will sometimes come to his foster dad when he is sitting or lying but only when he wants to. If his foster mom is out, he will not come. No sort of treat will entice him.


  • Must be an experienced Old English Sheepdog or large herding dog owner
  • Must have a fenced in yard
  • No children under 10
  • Tremendous amount of patience (good sense of humor would help also)

Ashe is located Greenlane, PA

Please fill out an adoption application before you contact the placement team (https://membership.neoesr.org/OL-Adoption.php)