Ally, 7 year old OESSally (formerly Ally)

Sally is a 7 year old, intact girl who was formerly used for breeding.  The first report came in from Denise Beehag who picked her up.  “She’s super friendly.  She’s been eating biscuits that I brought with me nonstop…she even climbed over the seats to get more treats!”  Sally’s first stop on her new life was at Carol Gefell’s.  Carol provided a spa treatment for Sally, giving her a bath and grooming her as well as letting the placement team know a bit more about Sally’s personality. “She is a very cool dog.  She comes when she’s called but does do a bit of submissive peeing.  She was excellent for her bath and groom”.

Transportation arrangements were made for her to travel from Batavia NY to Spencer MA where she would be fostered with NEOESR members Jeanne and Paul Perron.  Many, many thanks to Denise Denise Beehag, Anastasia Semel, and Jill Turner for their help is getting this girl to her new home.

Jeanne reported “Ally is so sweet. She’s not house-trained, but we are working on it. Oh…and she may be in heat!”

The placement team had a potential home in mind.  Nancy Krech had let us know that she wanted a 7 year old girl.  It looked like Ally might be a good fit.  Nancy was coming back from vacation on Saturday.  Sunday morning, at 9:00am we gave her a call.  Nancy’s first question was “Where is she?  Can I see her today?”  Yes, she was definitely interested in Ally.  Nancy called Jeanne and made arrangements to meet her early that afternoon.  By Sunday evening, Ally was in Nancy’s home.

Allie is so full of life.  I’m happy to get a chance to show her the good life, and she seems happy to experience it. On her house-training, I have spent more time outside in the last 42 hours than I have in the last 42 days, I think.  But I’m hopeful.  All day yesterday I was waiting for anything…even just a squat or a few drops…to reward, but nothing. I’m optimistic that she’ll get the connection very soon.  She’s smart…and very stubborn.  Very sheepdog.” (note from the placement team – this was in February…and it was COLD in Connecticut!)

A couple of weeks later we received an update from Nancy “You have done it again!  A match made in heaven!  I hope you get as much pleasure out of making the matches as you give to each of us adopters.  Thank you so much for the wonderful work you do and we look forward to meeting you at the picnic this year.