Abbey getting adopted

Notes on Abbey’s first day home with her new family:

Since we’ve been home she has not left our side The term Velcro Dog has a completely different meaning. She is such a sweetheart and gets a little confused when we both aren’t in the same room. Taking a shower with a 110 pound dog watching is always interesting

We had anticipated a difficult transition with the 2 cats. Abby Britney and Oreo were all immediately best buds. Numerous head butts and cuddling moments have occurred since arriving and Britney (the shy one) slept in the same room with Abby. Britney actually checked to see if Abby was alright during the night

Abby did not bark all day yesterday. It wasn’t till this morning when quests came to meet her when her true voice was heard. She was just saying pet me I’m beautiful and everyone agrees. I highly doubt that I will ever have clean glasses again as she has a very long tongue to smother us with kisses.

There is nothing like an OES foot warmer and Abby is no exception. She spent a better portion of living room time sleeping on my feet.

Thank you for this match.

John and Darlene