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Maggie -- has been adopted.

Hi OES Aficionados,

I am Maggie the Magnificent and I really want to come and live in your OES knowledgeable home. I am about 5 year old…but who’s counting? The important thing is I need a change of pace. IN my last home, I had to “manage” a farm with all sorts of animals running around. Frankly, I found that work stressful. I would much rather be draped on your couch..if you will let me. OK I would adapt to a bed of my own next to yours. I am recovering from surgery on my hip so for now I am touch sensitive in that area. It’s much better and I am sure you will understand and be patient until it is completely healed. Since I am hoping for a calm home I guess I’d rather there not be young kids to deal with.. I am very energetic and Powerful, in fact. Maybe I could even meet and play with another dog when I’m with you. If we have to go car-car to visit, so much the better. That means we can have bonding time. Basically, I want to be at the top of your dance card.

Luv, Maggie the Magnificent.

Please contact my devoted shelter mums at in Warren, PA
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  updated 03/10/14