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Some of The New England Dogs Needing Homes

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Barnaby & Wadsworth

Barnaby & Wadsworth

Wadsworth is a 9 year old, hilariously goofy dog that loves peanut butter, cheap dog treats like Pupperoni, and just about anything else he’s offered. He’s not a barker except at dog parks. Wadsworth loves to lay on his side, take lots of naps, and always be very his best buddy, Barnaby

Barnaby is 5 years old and was chosen for his calm and sweet disposition. He loves to be very close to his people at all times and has an utter lack of comprehension for the need of personal space. Barnaby loves the dog park where he runs and romps with other dogs. He gets to go as often as he can. He loves to chase balls and even retrieves about 60% of the time. He also loves to play with his buddy, Wadsworth: usually wrestling, mouthing, and tug of war. He pretty much only barks at skateboards and thunderstorms.

Both Barnaby and Wadsworth are good on car rides. They would be best in a home without young children. We would like to place them together. The perfect home will provide them lots of loving and petting and walks.

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Ned is a handsome, 9 year old, boy with one brown eye and one blue eye. He is sweet and gentle and just wants loved. Oh...and did we mention that he appears to be deaf?

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We often have dogs that for one reason or another we choose not to put up on the site. The adoption situation can change daily! As your first step, PLEASE fill out the adoption application form at: (copy/paste this link into your browser). If you have not updated your application recently, it might be a good idea to do so. We prefer to hear from you by email, and thank you for your patience.Thank you for looking at rescue instead of purchasing a puppy and unwittingly giving your money to back yard breeders or puppy mills. For more information on where to get a puppy from a reputable breeder, please contact NEOESR’s placement director at or check (copy/paste this link into your browser) at the Old English Sheepdog of America website.

Remember, there are dogs in New England, other than those shown, needing homes.  And be sure to check out our Courtesy Listings.

NEOESR Placement Director, Annie Raker: email:
Hotline:  781-259-8173   Fax:  781-259-0720

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