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Some of The New England Dogs Needing Homes

All information displayed here is subject to change.       Updated February 8. 2015

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Thatcher is a 2 year old wonderful, happy, playful dog. He is fully housebroken, kennels up when told, plays and entertains himself. Gets along with the foster home's resident OES and Bouvier and their part time Aussie. He is a tall boy, does a perfect sit, down, walks like a gentleman on a leash. Loves to just hang out in the office settling nicely by the foster mom's feet, looking lovingly at her begging for a pet. He is perfectly trained on the DogWatch Hidden Fence respecting his boundaries as you would expect. He is a perfect happy dog with at his foster home.

However, there is a catch.

Thatcher does not do well in high energy situations. Dog Parks are off limits, way to much stimuli and he will get into trouble escalating up rough play. Same thing with day care. He also cannot be trusted with strangers coming up to him to pet him, touch his food, or grab his collar. He has a probability of lunging at them. This is the antithesis of his outgoing personality, you can see him getting all stiff and that is the key to knowing the situation is way too much for him.

His new owner will need to be quite Alpha as he need a stern direction. His new owner should live a quiet lifestyle, and would be willing to crate him ALWAYS with strangers. NO CHILDREN, And, understand no matter how good a dog he is with his owners he should not be trusted with strangers. Thatcher can be seen in Southington CT

Intersted in learning more about Thatcher? Contact the placement director - And please fill out an adoption application first and in the comments section let them know you are interested in US! We are in New Hampshire.

Nigel has been adopted

Hi, I'm Nigel. I'm told that I'm a 10 year old Old English Sheepdog. I need a new home due to myowners death.

My caretaker called me stubborn. Well, what does she expect? I'm a sheepdog! Geez. She also says that I could use a brush up on my obedience skills. Well...actually she laughed and said that I pulled on the leash when she tried to walk me and that I totally ignored her when she asked me to sit, down or move out of her way.

However ignore that (and the fact that someone said I should be on a diet). I am friendly and interested in being your next best friend. Do you have room in your home and heart for me? Would you be willing to give me a bit of guidance when needed and help me work through whatever this obediance stuff is? I'm not sure what leash manners are and why our caretaker thinks it's important, but I'm willing to work with you on it if YOU think it's important.

Intersted in learning more about us? Contact the placement director - And please fill out an adoption application first and in the comments section let them know you are interested in US! We are in New Hampshire.

We often have dogs that for one reason or another we choose not to put up on the site. The adoption situation can change daily! As your first step, PLEASE fill out the adoption application form at: (copy/paste this link into your browser). If you have not updated your application recently, it might be a good idea to do so. We prefer to hear from you by email, and thank you for your patience.Thank you for looking at rescue instead of purchasing a puppy and unwittingly giving your money to back yard breeders or puppy mills. For more information on where to get a puppy from a reputable breeder, please contact NEOESR’s placement director at or check (copy/paste this link into your browser) at the Old English Sheepdog of America website.

Remember, there are dogs in New England, other than those shown, needing homes.  And be sure to check out our Courtesy Listings.

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